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12 Tech Solutions To Make Remote Work More Effective For Your Team

I have been working with Remote Team Solutions for more than two years. Today we have the same EA, plus a salesperson, a customer service, and a digital marketing person. Our staff does an excellent job; they are part of our team, and remote team solutions do a fantastic job with their support, service, and talent development. Even if a remote team all work in the same country, some members may elect to work night shifts or split shifts to provide 24 hour customer service. The use of international remote teams for sales, technical and other business functions can have advantages for a company. Even if team members are located in different countries, there are communication and management tools available that can give a remote team a sense of cohesion and shared purpose.

We thrive on giving excellent service to our clients; each day, we see how we can add more value. We have an IT, HR, and Talent Develop department who work with our clients to make sure their staff grows with them. In How to Hire a Remote Team, we believe in people and contributing to their lives. That’s why we build a great place to work where we make sure all the talented staff is motivated, happy, doing a great job, and well remunerated. It’s fantastic to see people’s lives being changed at the same time that we are helping our customers save money and have a world-class team. Remote Team Solutions, we believe in people and contributing to their lives.

Seamless Setup For Any Remote Assignment

There is also a need to establish clear meeting schedules and agendas ahead of time, so that all are prepared for the topics discussed. Scheduling videoconferencing can be a challenge depending on worker location and time of day or night, and it may be necessary to record it for some members. Full time employees can be paid on a regular basis, and once the payment method is set up it can be largely automated. Project based contractors will need to be paid on completion, requiring manual payment methods.

Work smarter and scale your business using our flexible outsourcing solutions. With the experienced economy, many new businesses are coming out of the conventional entrapment called office. Office of the future can be managed remotely and without the conventional building too. To ensure that remote teams have the flexibility as well as efficiency, C-Zentrix offers solution for the new age business. successfully sourced a candidate with impressive communication and organization skills, increasing the client’s work efficiency.

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If you need a project management tool that does it all and looks good while doing it, you might want to give a try. It offers multiple ways to organize your tasks other than the default kanban board view, including a super-useful timeline feature. Although it doesn’t let you divide your tasks into subtasks, considering everything can do, we’ll gladly let that slide. A key benefit of building a team with the help of Remote Team Solutions is that the customer is in charge of the recruitment plan and execution.

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Workspace offers a two-week free trial, and it’s relatively inexpensive otherwise. Time Doctor offers powerful time-tracking features, but it can easily become intrusive if used improperly. PCloud is one of the best choices for freelancers on a budget thanks to its generous free plan. Its advanced media player makes it perfect for music and video editors as well. If you choose to store your data on its European servers, your privacy will be guaranteed by the GDPR as well as Swiss privacy laws.

We partner with your remote teams to develop specific processes and working agreements which enable their success. Remote Team Solutions currently does not offer fixed pricing plans, and their rates are determined by the tasks outsourced to them. An approximate pricing range for an assistant with a full-time work week of 45 hours is between $1,350 and $2,200 per month, an hourly wage of about $9 to $13. Clients typically save about 60% by outsourcing as opposed to hiring an in-house employee for the same tasks.

remote team solutions

The team provided highly effective project management with two meetings weekly. Addressing all of these challenges will require extra efforts by management to monitor team member satisfaction and performance, and to detect any issues that could interfere with their success. If approached with this awareness, a remote sales team can be a cost-effective means to expand business activity in a new or existing market, in the home country or abroad.

Why Is An Effective Onboarding Process Important For Remote Employees?

Put a voice to a name.Whenonboarding remote hires, encourage team members to schedule brief phone or video calls to introduce themselves. Like Slack, Twist offers a generous free plan, but its paid plans are a much cheaper alternative to Slack’s plans. Zoom took the world by storm during the COVID-19 pandemic, quickly becoming the default verb for video calling (anyone remember Skyping?). Its video and audio quality are top-notch, and its call quality is rock solid. You can expand Zoom’s functionality beyond video chatting with third-party apps by installing them via the Zoom App Marketplace.

Traditional remittance services such as Western Union can also be used, but for frequent transfers the fees may be higher than other options. The compliance risk of using a contractor is that of misclassification, where they actually function as an employee under the rules of their own country. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Job Description The candidate will have to answer phone calls from customers in case they have any questions about their billing, regulations, payments, or the …

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In some cases, they are evolving toward it by using “hybrid” teams, with some workers in-office and other working remotely. The challenge with international remote teams is the difference in time zones, language barriers and complying with foreign payroll and employment laws. Transparent, clear, and accessible backlog items, tools and processes that allow remote workers to swarm, shared context and understanding of what everyone is doing and why. These are what allow remote teams to be as productive as those that are colocated. The workflow of many organizations is defined by the colocation created in a shared office space. When that proximity is no longer an option, those processes break down.


Sales team management can be customized to your organization by addressing the unique needs of remote members, who need a blend of support and independence, coupled with modern communication tools. Most effective sales people spend more time working more independently than other staff, given the travel time and on-site customer interaction required for success. Their pay structure also adds to a feeling of independence, since a bulk of compensation comes through commissions generated by their own efforts and skill. These factors can affect the management of remote sales team members, since they may be more difficult to engage in team objectives than other personnel. Technological advances have enabled the rise of remote teams across the world, which means that multiple team members may be working from different cities or even countries.

  • Keeping team members connected is an essential part of managing a successful remote team.
  • Once the remote sales team is assembled, the next priority is to establish a consistent and reliable management and assessment method.
  • It can also be one way to hire a worker for a trial period, prior to offering full time employment.
  • In some regions, the local economy may allow a company to pay a lower wage than in the developed economy of the home country.
  • Depending on your unique requirements, we can help you make the right choice between PEO and EOR for simplifying your ability to hire international workers for your short or long-term projects.

There are 10 people working on the project that I have contact with, but any changes or directions are relayed through one person. While we’ve been working with them for a short time, I’ve seen more results in 6 months than in the past 3 years. Initially I had a conversation with the CEO and assigned a account lead that provided the guidance during the entire process. I am an immigration attorney with a small law office in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

A CRM system can monitor sales leads, activity, progress and outcomes. The numerous CRM system software programs available can be integrated with other communication modes, and are available with mobile apps and desktop browser capabilities. A company can also access international freelancer networking sites for specific industries such as software development and engineering. Participating in these sites can result in contact with established contractors in a given region or country. Once you have assembled the right remote team, the next step is to establish an efficient communication method for ongoing contact. Due to the nature of remote work, this may make the difference in keeping your team members engaged and involved with other members and management.

Remote Sales Teams

Although you sacrifice some privacy by using a Google product, the service is affordable and integrates seamlessly with other Google Workspace apps. Even if you don’t use other Google apps, you’ll still find Google Drive’s sharing features useful. For companies wanting to try the service out, Egnyte offers a 15-day money-back guarantee. All its plans come with unlimited storage but offer different features. A Gantt chart can be a powerful organizational tool, allowing you to keep track of your entire remote team’s activity. While freelancers won’t find TeamGantt very helpful, team leaders will love its intuitive interface.

Pedro Barboglio: Focusing On Building And Staffing Teams In A Better Way

Without further ado, let’s look at all the different types of remote work software and the best representatives of each category. The kind of remote work software you need will depend on the kind of work you do. Our philosophy on this is always to keep improving and learning to become better each day. All the team is constantly learning via courses, reading, training, and going to seminars, which helps us keep up with the changing market trends. A leader empowers his or her team to grow and is there to help their team achieve the best results. The leader should always inspire confidence and catalyze a clear and shared vision for the company and move his team to action.

Candidates arrive highly prepared and qualified for an interview with us. Global Employment Outsourcing lets you offer the flexibility the market demands. With GEO, you can employ—and retain—workers across borders or oceans, even if you don’t have an entity or HR staff in the country where they live. We changed all of this, secured them health insurance, provided them with proper benefits in line with the local employment regulations, etc. to put them in line with their US colleagues. All of this was an enormous benefit to the client since they avoided the risk of non-compliance with a host of regulations. Management personnel, sales team members and even customers can be allowed to view certain contact and progress activity, giving the sales effort transparency and accountability.

There are templates to help you get started, but it lacks third-party integrations and isn’t as flexible as other tools. Trello used to be a simple kanban board and nothing more, and it still is if you’re on its free plan. The year 2020 brought many surprises, but the COVID-19 pandemic was, for most people, the biggest curveball.

Hire Remote Talent With Confidence

This can be an issue with technical workers that have access to software, are developing new tools or may not be adequately safeguarding passwords or customer data. There is not one optimal method of managing a remote team, as the differences in business models and purposes will determine how a remote team needs to perform. For this reason, prior to setting up a remote team, there has to be a clear and specific plan of how the team will be recruited, managed and evaluated.

Just as with any remote team member, communication with a salesperson is critical, especially if they are in foreign location. Communication through mobile devices, online apps and messaging can create an ongoing link to management and other team members. Periodic sales team meetings via video or phone conferencing can help add to a feeling of inclusiveness and accountability, as members report their results against established goals and benchmarks. A natural issue with a remote team is that of communication and management across distances and time zones, without losing a sense of connection and inclusion.

CZ Screen logger and CZ Voice logger ensures that all the activities of remote agents are recorded for monitoring and audit purpose. Have leaders commit to routine “ask me anything” sessions that can be conducted via videoconference for remote team members. Hold them quarterly or even monthly, so people get used to saving the feedback they might otherwise forget about or let fall by the wayside. There you have it folks, the 22 best remote working software tools by category. We also have some work from home tips that can help you stay productive and the best organization apps to keep you on track.

Slack is a versatile, cloud-based messaging tool that makes communication with your remote team organic and intuitive. Thanks to thousands of third-party app integrations, you can customize Slack’s functionality to no end. You can share files and images directly in the app, or you can connect a cloud storage service to Slack to share files that way. Seeing how our USA clients from the other companies needed to hire big teams for their growing business, but didn’t had the budget, time, or talent, we got together to try to see the way to help them. Many Fortune 500 companies have remote teams in La Laguna, Mexico because it shares a time zone with the US and because English is the second language of employees.

Great Company, Reasonable Prices

As a remote employee, Champion appreciates this quality time with coworkers. Simple in-person interactions become powerful team-bonding opportunities for remote workers. The Slack free plan should be more than enough for both remote teams and freelancers communicating with long-term clients, though its paid plans aren’t competitively priced .

My caseload includes mainly removal defense, family petitions, and appeals. “Remote Team Solutions have had excellent, reasonable, and competent communication throughout the entire process.” They dived deep to understand our culture, candidate requirements, and the candidate profiles most likely to succeed.

It is helpful to review how remote work differs, and what employee onboarding processes will be needed. We’ll look at all the different kinds of home office software, including project management software, cloud storage and productivity apps. Whether you’re a freelancer, an employee of a company or leading a remote team, this list has you covered. We’ll also cover how remote work software works and how it can help you overcome the hurdles of working from home, so stay tuned. Aside from customer support and troubleshooting, a remote technical team can also be assembled for new software development and engineering projects.